The Beautiful View Around VVS

What do you imagine when you think about beautiful views?

The views around VVS include

cactus, beautiful red sand, red rock mountains, and blue skies.

Now let’s tour around VVS.


This will be the view that you’ll see when you walk to the class. Also in the night, you can see thousand of stars in the sky. You will feel like you are in space. 




This is boy’s dorm in VVS. You can stay in a dormitory, which looks like a house in fairy tale!
When you visit VVS, you must go to the barn. You can see an amazing view of Cathedral Rock from here. Also, you can watch majestic horses running around in the barn.
You can see your country’s flag waving beautifully by the wind.
You can view art made by God whenever you are eating meal in the dining hall.
It’s even more beautiful when it’s snowing in the winter!

A Brynn’s Eye View

This video is a look into my school year and the moments I got on camera.

For me the horses are a huge part of my life at vvs. When I was applying for high schools I really wanted the school to have horses. I never really got to see what a normal day would look like for riders though. So I decided to make this video to give a little bit of an inside view on what us, as riders lives in the arena look like. Hope you enjoy.


VVS is a place like no other. When I first got here I saw two of our teachers dancing around in tutus. Following that image I questioned what I got myself into, but soon vvs became much more then a school, it became my home and my family.